Everything that wasn’t allowed increased my curiosity even more.
My fascination for mold started at a very young age. Where many. people were convinced that it was dirty and dangerous, I was mainly triggered by the beauty in color, structure and multiformity. I would like to take others with me in to the miracle world of mold and bacteria, whereby it becomes magical Instead of a taboo.
Moldy skin is a fabric experiment where you can grow your own DNA on a piece of clothes. You can personalize your own object by type of collar, closure or adding details. All fabrics are made of woven organic cotton. There are several basic natural dyed colors. Besides the color of the fabric, you choose the quality of the cotton based on the type of clothing.  The making of the print of the fabric is based on the collected mold of the customer. Take my hand and I will guide you through this process:
. You receive five Petri dishes. In these dishes, there is a culture media where the customer adds their own DNA. We collect Saliva, Hair, Nails, Fingerprint, Tongue scraps. In a conditioned area the collected personal items will change during 10 days  into exiting surprising molds. You can choose out of three different techniques; dessin on fabric by enlarging the mold using microscope technology, knitting where you can feel the growing process.And in the last one, we add traditional technique where the mold is depicted in different embroidery techniques.
We only use organic cotton that’s naturally died. We want to make it as pleasant as possible for our decomposers. If the owner no longer wants or wears the item anymore then he can throw it on the compost heap and it will decay within 1 month.
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