In every headline or newspaper that reaches us, we are faced with overwhelming misery.  Are we ended up in a world that consist of only nightmares or are we allowed to dream? These dreams,  seen through the infant eyes, gives us a glimpse into 2050 experience how the next generations will find a solution for our wasteful way of life.
We are part of a world where extinction, overpopulation and robotization play a major role in our daily lives.  We need to stop walking away from these problems that we created ourselves. It’s time to think about and find solutions for these issues instead of ignoring them and settling for a non active part in solving this crisis. 
Die out and loss of biodiversity, the continuous heating of the planet, can we stop and how can we find solutions for this devastating  evolution?
By using biodegradable materials we produce fabrics that will  give something back to nature after the wearable period of the collection. Used petals and seeds take care of the parishable process of the fabric. The seeds will regenerate into new flowers by using the elements of the planet with the sun as a witness 
The sober / greyed shades symbolize the transparancy of our day to day life. All colours are created by Natural paint, flowers and ink based on dairy products. The used prints are unpredictable, every flower or paint has a different reaction on UV light, temperature or humidity, every individual item has its own transformation during the weathering’s process.
FOTO - Lidewij Mulder  MUA - Simone Hendriksen  MODEL - Alexandera Clot
“Locked up” in your outfit / An environment where you feel safe where you can be your self, but also to be different!  The world population is  expanding rapidly citizenry in 2050. What will the impact mean when we look at the abundant materials we use. These signals has reached us already for many years. 
“Fully loaded” entering the world as an individual, no time or possibilities to develop a personal connection. We find ourselves falling into this arena were we suffer from invisible “loneliness”. 
In certain areas, there is a huge contrast between economic growth versus poverty in other regions the population is exploding while some regions just servival  is a challenge.
Imagine that, due to the risk of overpopulation, we are obligated to stop producing our next generations.  How on earth can humanity continue to show and spread parental love? Will this instinctive love be transformed into substitution products, instead of our own progeny? 
These substitutional products are in the details of the outfits. You can cherish these details like it are your own children. The figuration is huge and oversized and consists of multiple tied up sleeves. This “confused composition“ alows at the same time a save cocoon experience.
Our personal possessions are protected by hidden pockets in this transparent digital world where everything is online or in the cloud. Chaos and serenity are combined in the green and blue coloured fabrics. The prints are based on earth view photo’s and are applied in multiple layers.

FOTO - Lidewij Mulder  MUA - Simone Hendriksen  MODEL - Rosemarijn Koopmans

Are we replaced by robots? Will there be a transition from human to robot? Rumours about this topic are spread for decades. little by little our work is taken over by robots. will there be a life without work and what will this life look like?  Will we walk life on autopilot or is there still the possibility for making individual steps
Humanity is intelligent and will always find solution and improvements for situations that will occur. However, will we find the answers to this robot modification? Humanbeings suffering from hard work and their broad shoulders are used for carrying the heavy physical and emotional loads. But once the limit is reached even the human body will collapse. 
How can we distinguish ourselves from the robots?  What is our position compared with robots in 2050? 
By using smart materials and technical prints the fabrics can underset the human body in case of physical need and also light appears when in a dark outside environment and vehicles are entering the save zone. 

FOTO - Lidewij Mulder  MUA - Simone Hendriksen  MODEL - Sanne Hofste

FOTO - Lidewij Mulder  MUA - Simone Hendriksen  

FOTO - Lidewij Mulder  MUA - Simone Hendriksen 

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